AI Told Me: It’s Not Intelligent.

Russ Murray
3 min readFeb 9, 2023
AI can play games, like any computer. (digital art created with Open.AI’s DALL-E 2)

Here’s what I asked ChatGPT:

“Explain why AI is not really intelligence.”

And here’s what ChatGPT told me:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a subfield of computer science and engineering that aims to create systems that can perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence, such as recognizing images, understanding natural language, playing games, and more. However, despite the impressive advances in AI, it is still not the same as human intelligence.

One reason is that AI systems are not capable of true understanding or consciousness. They are simply following a set of rules and algorithms that have been programmed into them. They lack the ability to experience emotions, intuition, self-awareness, and creativity, which are all hallmarks of human intelligence.

Another reason is that AI systems are limited by their training data and algorithms. They are only as good as the data they have been trained on and the algorithms that have been designed for them. This can lead to biases and inaccuracies in their decisions and actions.

Finally, AI systems are also limited by their lack of context. They do not have a sense of the broader world and their place in it, and they cannot fully understand the nuances and complexities of…



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