Eek! Lips.

Russ Murray
2 min readApr 8, 2024

He clips. Eclipse.

Even though I wasn’t in the “path of totality” it was fascinating to watch today’s solar eclipse reach 92% where I live. Starting around 2:11pm, the moon’s curve gradually encroached on the sun’s circle, eerily dimming the strong mid-afternoon light as it advanced.

When I went outside at 3:15pm, the dimming effect was accelerating towards the maximum eclipse/coverage for my area. A few minutes later, it peaked, as the moon turned the sun’s orb into a slender crescent, then gradually brightened back to normal, late afternoon, early-April sunlight.

It passed quickly, so fleeting and rare!! Since the next full solar eclipse is 20 years away, I am glad to have captured a few photos of this one…

Don’t worry, no retinas (or cameras) were damaged in the taking of these photos! As far as I can tell…

Fun Fact: in a marvelous coincidence of cosmic symmetry, the Sun is 400x’s larger than the moon, but is also 400x’s farther away from Earth than the Moon. This is why the Moon appears to completely cover the Sun (almost perfectly), as if the two bodies are the same size!

Stepping outside just before the eclipse peaked, I marveled at the eerie sunlight, and sharpened shadows it cast.



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