Is That a Corgi?

Russ Murray
2 min readJul 15, 2022

Day 167 / 2022 Photo Project365

Subtitle: Mystery Dog Weathervane.

As we walked by, we tried to figure out what creature the metalworker had in mind when making this particular weathervane. From a distance, it appeared to be dog-like, but what breed — a pointer? I mean, what better dog than a pointer to point in the direction the wind was blowing? It didn’t look like a pointer though, and further speculation from a distance (with our old eyes) was, well…pointless! LOL

So, we approached the building atop which the metal mystery dog stood proudly facing into the wind. We squinted up at it and guessed from its shape that it might be a miniature pinscher, but the legs were too short. Or a basset hound, but the ears were too upright and pointy. Finally, after using the tele-lens on my iPhone, we zoomed in, examined it more closely, and settled on a Corgi… What do you think?

Camera: iPhone 13 Pro Max
Editing: Hipstamatic app
Photographer: Russ Murray aka “remages
Location: Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT

See you tomorrow…

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